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Is Seeing ‘Not Enough’ Just a Habit?

kaleidoscope-668217_1280This week I’ve been realizing how many of my past dreams and wishes have actually come true.  In fact,  I see that I actually have a life many would dream of…a life *I* once dreamed of having.

Ironically I also catch myself thinking sometimes that I might not have enough of something or that tomorrow there won’t be enough.  The charge of fear that drives such thoughts weakens as I work through them over time, yet they still come.

I believe these thoughts of not-enoughness are nothing more than a learned and  longstanding habit of seeing what isn’t rather than what is.  It’s most absurd and noticeable when these thoughts occur just before or after realizing how many of my dreams are coming true.  Thankfully that’s exactly what raises my awareness so I can consciously choose where I want to give my attention.

Honestly I’ve had more than enough of EVERTHING I need ALL of life! <breathing that in deeply for a moment>  Focusing on gratitude helps me feel this and catch these thoughts of not-enoughness quicker.

Beyond that, maybe scarcity and abundance are both illusions, or possibilities, and it is my choice that determines which is “real”.  I’ve had lifetimes spent in each end of the continuum and now I choose to stay in the flow and remain conscious and grateful.  Yes, I’ll enjoy that reality for a while.

Happy 8-8-8 (posted at 8 PM CST)!


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