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Holistic Spirituality as a Path to Wellness ~ You Deserve a Closer Look!

butterflies-918159_640Isn’t it handy when we can pay a doctor or take a pill and feel good again?  How we love convenience!  I lived the first 40 years of my life that way: crash diets, quick energy, magic pills, and quick fixes.  At the heart of all that is a belief (ok, actually it’s a hope) that we can do whatever we want to do and then quickly repair the damage when we go too far, so we’re back to as good as new.  If only it worked that way!

Since 2012, I’ve been on a different journey that blends my spirituality as a daily practice with forms of working with energy in order to heal and expand in a deeper, more lasting way.  This has led me to interview holistic / “alternative” practitioners in order to demystify this path and connect like-spirited enthusiasts and professionals.  I’ve become a practitioner of a couple of modalities myself so I can share healing and continue to heal myself and balance heart, soul, body and mind.  What I now believe is that we create our health moment by moment as our body’s cells regenerate.  When they do this, they either regenerate into the same patterns and memories they have had or they begin refreshingly on a new path of awakening and flow.    Our cells regenerate in response to the vibration we currently embrace, and it is our choice whether we feed them old, stuck emotions and beliefs or create fresh, healthy cells at a higher frequency.

I don’t mean for this post to condemn western medicine or force choice, only to explore the alternative.  Many like me don’t really understand or even know about it!  To do this, let’s compare  (a) someone who goes to a western medical doctor for medical prescriptions and treatments as illnesses crop up, with (b) someone who invests time and money into “holistic spirituality” (my name for blending spiritual practice with all-natural, organic products and energy work) in a lifestyle change committed to restoring vitality by releasing trapped traumas from our past and embracing a healthy, natural lifestyle today:

  • Western medicine usually treats symptoms with medicines that mask current pain while also creating new unpleasant “side effects” elsewhere in the body.   Yes, the pain is gone for now or the blood pressure may be regulated, but at what price over a year ?  10?  20?  Holistic spirituality releases stuck energy/emotions to restore flow of blood, air, and energy, reprogramming newer cells at a higher vibration without any negative side effects, and generally has no contraindication to other treatments you may take concurrently.
  • Western medicine prolongs illness because not only does the illness worsen (as it was never truly cured at root cause), additional side effects manifest and worsen also.  Holistic spirituality transforms participants through healthier living practices day by day, understanding it is a lifestyle change that must occur begin within.
  • Western medicine uses pharmaceutical bandages to treat a growing list of symptoms and emotions stay stuck, often coupled with self-destructive addictions and behaviors to cope with the putrifying stuck negative emotions we are pushing down within our bodies.  Holistic spirituality teaches self-love, incorporating spirituality and compassion as practices of a life focusing on the present moment as our real truth while healing the pains we have not yet released from the past.
  • Western medicine has grown into the largest profit-center in the United States.  Holistic spirituality may cost more initially (not because practitioners are millionaires, but because insurance conveniently chooses not to cover these modalities) to heal old wounds and learn new habits, but ultimately costs less as clients learn to live healthier, more loving and joyful lives.  Most ethical practitioners also teach clients ways to enhance our own health, and even heal ourselves, creating empowerment and independence.

We have been conditioned in Western society to seek quick results and pay others to make us better so we can get back to our stressful lives as quickly as possible.  However, there is an “alternative” way of life that fosters lasting health, joy, peace and vitality.  Holistic spirituality is not a quick fix but an empowering journey of possibilities everyone deserves!

If you want to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact me and browse my website to discover a beautiful community of empowering BEings.

Namaste and so much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Speaker, Practitioner, and Community Builder

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