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Feeling Stuck? Or Is Your Life in Chaos? Taking a Fresh Look at Change

confused-snail-2209386_960_720We grow frustrated with the way things are, or we feel stuck and don’t know what we want, so we pray for change.  We beg for change.  We meditate on new possibilities.  We create vision boards.  We want a shift in the conditions of our lives.  Then, as things turn upside down, we get upset.  Isn’t that interesting?  Why is it so disappointing and frustrating when conditions we’ve grown sick of begin to come undone?  What do we expect change to look like?

Like the seasons, change unfolds in stages.  Sometimes change comes in a harsher proverbial pill to swallow than others. Extreme loss can be quite a jolt, and certainly we need to honor and allow all of the emotions that come with that.  However, there comes a time when we need to recognize that things must crumble apart from the way they’ve been in order to become something new.  It may not feel great, as often shifting into the unknown rocks us to our core, shaking loose all manner of self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs for us to see again (and maybe change those, too?).  However, the only way to change is through the unknown.  So how can we best handle change?


  • Breathe!  Instead of freaking out and scrambling around, reaching for vices and starting to anticipate the worst, we can begin to take some really deep breaths and try to relax ourselves.  This is one way to love ourselves through challenges and it is much more powerful than it sounds!
  • Notice and shift perspective.  Are we spending at least as much time noticing the positive aspects of this change, or are we obsessing over our fears and discomforts?  Perspective is a choice that is always within our control.  See this change as the answer to our prayer and intention that it truly is, and ….you got it, BREATHE!
  • Expect the best.  We are so ready to fear the worst and go into full blown panic when we enter the unknown…the void.  Yet, the void is the place of pure potential where literally anything is possible.  Since we are better understanding the law of attraction, why not use our power of focused thought and intention to create our ideal scenarios?  Let’s expect miracles and help to bring them into being, ok?  What fun!
  • hands-63743_960_720We are never alone – this is a good time to reach out! You have spirit guides and angels and friends and family and likely even a pet or two who all love you and want to help.  Those incarnated in bodies can be asked and held close for comfort, and those across the veil in spirit form must be asked ti intervene, so reach out to them and ask them for any assistance for your highest good, and trust that it is given.  So many love us and want to help while we walk around trying to carry the weight of the world ourselves.  Why?  Allow them in.  It’s such a beautiful experience.

Change can be uncomfortable, but running from it will keep us stuck in situations and circumstances that no longer serve us.  Change is where miracles happen, and often when we grow into a better version of ourselves.  Let’s embrace it, focus on the brightest sides of it, and allow ourselves to be loved through it, in turn loving others through theirs.  After all, we’re all in this together, right?

What changes or challenges are you experiencing?   How can I help?  Please COMMENT BELOW for feedback or contact me for a private session.

Much love and Light in your Journey of Possibilities,
Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Spiritual Coach, Practitioner, & Community Builder
Founder, Journey of Possibilities featuring live events, weekly shows, and a quarterly digital magazine

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