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Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA

Purified Water. Peace of Mind. Berkey Filters.

WATER is our most valuable resource next to the air we breath! Many of us schlep around heavy cases of water that isn’t that clean as we think, lug heavy bottles to refill, or pay a service to deliver water.  What if I told you there’s a better way to drink water that is clean of everything you don’t want but still has all its minerals and beneficial properties? Best of all, it comes out cheaper than what you’re doing now!  With BERKEY, you can even filter and drink snow or water from ditches, rivers, bayous, and lakes….I know, I’ve done it in emergencies!  I use my Berkey every day and love the delicious water and peace of mind knowing I’ll always have clean water anywhere.  Mario calls me a water snob, and I just smile. (He’s even hooked now!)  If you click the above image within 72 hours of ordering, I receive a commission from your purchase without you paying an extra penny.  Try it now and have a look around.  They have comparison charts and much more information to answer all your questions.  If you don’t find what you want, contact me!  Once you go Berkey, you won’t go back!

Young and adult children find a delightful shift in perspective on life, good/bad, why we’re here and more in this powerful children’s book. Treat yourself or a loved one!

Jesus said “These things that I do, you can do, too!”

Are you ready to recognize your own Divinity and embrace your potential? This is a must-own set.

This is the best animal medicine guide to come along since Animal Speak & Animal Wise by Ted Andrews.  (Check out my interview with Lori Morrison HERE).

Excellent support to strengthen your intuition! Beautiful images and the wisdom of Osho offer the a positive perspective during even the most challenging times. Add this high-vibration deck to your collection today!
What if you can heal yourself and science can prove it? Who better than a doctor to disclose this insight?
Learn how emotions become illness and disease in the body and how to clear them to restore health & vitality!
Navigate the most important, difficult conversations with ease to live in your truth and create more authentic relationships!

CBD oil provides excellent relief from joint pain and arthritis in aging pets.  This company has fair pricing and veterinarians on staff to help. CLICK IMAGE & SAVE $20 ON YOUR FIRST ORDER!

If you only ever own one handbook on herbal medicine, David Hoffmann has delivered the perfect choice! Rich with science and practical applications, you’ll keep this one handy. (Stay tuned for my interview with him NEXT WEEK.)

Journey with a nun through childhood, religion and into the Amazon where ayahuasca helps her find the God she’s been looking for her whole life! (Enjoy my interview with Sister Jaguar HERE.)

This book was so predictive of The Shift!  Enjoy an adventure rich with intuition, synchronicities, how we gain/lose power and much more.  Check out my interview with James Redfield HERE!)

Wanna learn numerology?  In workbook style, you’ll discover the meaning behind your name, address, car license plate, and so much more.  Have fun!  (Listen to my interview with Gail HERE.)

Mario and I read this together and neither of us sees death the same way now!  Take a deep dive into why we create beliefs, why we avoid thinking or talking about death, and what happens when we consciously change that and welcome death as the climax of life. 

Find crowds overwhelming? Feel overwhelmed by grief at hospitals?  Struggle to separate your own feelings from others?  This book helps you stop struggling and start embracing the magnificent superpower of being an empath. (Enjoy my interview with Stephanie HERE.

Twice Chairman of White House Commission on Alternative Medicine Dr. James Gordon shares his proven methods for helping thousands (all ages) worldwide to release stress and trauma from mind & body.  (Enjoy our chat HERE.)

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