EP176 Sheryl & Mario #metoo Now What? on Exploring Possibilities

Show host, Spiritual Coach, & Holistic Practitioner Sheryl Sitts (https://www.SherylSitts.com) opens up with best friend, romantic partner and Tech-Life Balance Founder Mario Rosales (https://www.MarioRosales.net) about spending years in her masculine warrior mask (in and out of the bedroom) after childhood sexual abuse and the affect that had on her relationships.  Mario discusses his aha’s while exploring “What is a Man?”and how growing up around strong women led him to suppress his true masculine voice.  They talk about the anger present since this movement and the pitfalls of getting stuck in that anger, as well as how we can all (men & women) heal our feminine aspects and create healthy change.  It all starts with ME(too).


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