EP163 Mandar Apte Nonviolence From India With Love on Exploring Possibilities

Mandar Apte, Educator, Innovator, & Impact Investor (Mandar-Apte.com) visits with host Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Certified Transformation Coach & Holistic Practitioner (JourneyOfPossibilities.com) about stepping away from his award-winning intrapreneur leadership role in Shell’s flagship GameChanger program on social innovation to co-found the nonprofit Media Rise, create the documentary film From India With Love and take groups impacted on a transformational trip to India.  Mandar discusses his inspiration for the film in reading about how India affected Martin Luther King, Jr.   He expands on what nonviolence looks like today.  In reflecting on his time at Shell, Mandar calls silence the “Mother of Creativity” and innovation a social game.  Hear how he has taught many to meditate and how all of that prepared him for this work spreading nonviolence.  You’ll also discover the surprising role of self-love and compassion in nonviolence.  (Note:  The prison program mentioned in the show is PrisonSmart.org)


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