EP148 Rebroadcast Let’s Get Ultra Spiritual with JP Sears on Exploring Possibilities

REBROADCAST (from 7/9/2017) JP Sears, Emotional Healing Coach (AwakenWithJP.com), YouTuber (Youtube.com/AwakenWithJP), Author, Int’l Speaker and Curious Life Student takes time out in Costa Rica to visit with host Sheryl Sitts (JourneyOfPossibilities.com).  He confirms her suspicions that he was indeed a class clown and shares why he values humor.  They explore his new book How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12-1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority and his hilarious spiritual videos, how we tend to lose ourselves in the very paths where we first find ourselves, the truth about judgment and ego and the importance of self-acceptance.  JP also opens up about his conscious romantic relationship and the importance of communication, sexuality, vulnerability and more.  Of course, Sheryl asks JP his real perspective on Ayahuasca and plant medicine since his videos poked fun at her powerful teachers, and what he says is surprising and profound!


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