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Countdown to Sacred Plant Medicine Intensive: 8 Days

squirrel-monkey-505191_1280“You know you don’t have to go to Peru for your healing, right?”

Some well-meaning friends have told me this and as I feel and appreciate their loving concern, I am reminded that we all see life through our own filters.  Sometimes other people’s ideas are great for us and other times they’re not.  I am learning to receive the love it is packaged within while treating the message like clothing: try it on and keep whatever fits me best.  In this case (“…have to go to Peru”?????), I smile and reassure them that I love the jungle, find the shamanic path deeply healing, and that this trip is something I want very much to do in my heart!

Continuing along my 14-day sensory detox of emoticons-154050_1280eating clean and creating more quiet time to meditate and reflect is showing me greater depth and expansion in my emotions.  Particularly with unpleasant emotions like anger, fear, disgust, guilt, or shame that I’ve learned to skillfully dodge with being busy, distracted, or self-medicated, learning to sit with them and really feel them helps me clear through my emotional clutter.  Social marketing and norms offer us pills, “comforting” substances, and countless forms of distraction, to avoid pain at all costs, yet it is avoiding pain that causes it to grow into something truly threatening.  The more I let it flow and “feel it to heal it”,  both on my own and with the help of holistic practitioners when I’m stuck, the healthier I become naturally.  As these layers get deeper and more intense, I know the same principle continues at work and I trust the path.  Some days are easier than others.

Today’s Ceremony Detox Menu:  Frozen strawberry/blueberry/wheatgrass smoothie with a boiled egg for breakfast.  Herbal teas and water throughout the day.  Kale chips (shred organic kale leaves, very lightly mist with olive oil, and bake at 275 degrees for 20 minutes.  YUM!) and pumpkin seeds for munchies.  Spinach, broccoli, and quinoa salad for lunch.  Steamed bok choy, purple cabbage, broccoli,, spinach and celery over rice for dinner.

Tonight’s Unplugged Time:  A very long bubble bath.  Do a reading from The Heart of Faerie Oracle Cards (my favorites!), and journal.

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder, Journey of Possibilities

Spirit guided me to create this “Countdown to Sacred Plant Medicine Intensive”  blog series to help demystify this sacred healing/awakening path while simplifying the dietary preparations by sharing practical ways I am preparing for the Amazon while working and living in a modern society.   If something I share sparks your curiosity or interest, please COMMENT BELOW and let’s create a conversation here.  I receive no compensation for sharing here but am drawn by my heart to create a safe space and portal of possibility for anyone seeking hope and help to know there are many natural solutions we have not fully explored.  Only by searching within and carefully selecting holistic modalities that resonate for us and practitioners who hold their work and healing space sacred can we truly unlock our own amazing journey of possibilities!  I am here for you if I can help in any way.  Namaste.

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