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Countdown to Sacred Plant Medicine Intensive: 15 Days

grocery-388302_1280For the next two weeks I am on a diet of unseasoned, organic fruits (except high glycemic ones like bananas, pineapple, figs) and veggies (except roots like carrots, potatoes, beets, etc), peas and legumes, fish, boiled eggs, quinoa, oats, and rice.  Beverages are clean, non-chlorinated water and herbal teas.  A visit to a grocery store with this short shopping list brings big aha’s.

Americans have really gone crazy over the pleasures of food, and why not?  We have blended, repackaged, and invented foods until there are literally thousands of choices in the grocery store.  It’s amazing what we create!  I’m not saying this with judgment but rather with awe.  We are infinitely creative beings!  The sensual pleasures of food and drink are not lost on us.

vegetables-317497_1280When our invented and packaged foods are no longer available or preferable to us, we discover a wide array of fruits and vegetables waiting to provide us nourishment!  There are fruits and vegetables I’ve never even tried in my almost-50 years on this planet, so this diet is a great opportunity to check them out.  Some I have to look up just to see if they’re roots or not. <blush>

Nourishing myself with the gifts of mother earth is a profound ceremony in and of itself, yet this is merely “prep” for what awaits us. It is my intention to define a new way of eating from this point forward.  I love what Renu Agrawal, Certified Holistic Health Coach says about the 80/20 rule (eat right 80% of the time and 20% of the time give yourself a break).  Oh yeah, and there’s no sugar in any of this diet   Wow, I get withdrawals just realizing that!

Today’s Menu:  Blend frozen berries and water into smoothie for breakfast. (No kefir water or protein powder til April).  Take veggie finger foods to holistic networking potluck and drink herbal tea.  Tote apple snack (helps reduce sugar cravings), plenty of clean water, and a boiled egg for protein boost.  Dinner is quinoa (high protein) and steamed asst. veggies (no roots, garlic, or onion).

Today’s Unplugged Time:  Nature walk, continue reading Karol Truman’s Feelings Buried Alive Never Die,  journal, meditate

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder, Journey of Possibilities

Spirit guided me to create this “Countdown to Sacred Plant Medicine Intensive”  blog series to help demystify this sacred healing/awakening path while simplifying the dietary preparations by sharing practical ways I am preparing for the Amazon while working and living in a modern society.   If something I share sparks your curiosity or interest, please COMMENT BELOW and let’s create a conversation here.  I receive no compensation for sharing here but am drawn by my heart to create a safe space and portal of possibility for anyone seeking hope and help to know there are many natural solutions we have not fully explored.  Only by searching within and carefully selecting holistic modalities that resonate for us and practitioners who hold their work and healing space sacred can we truly unlock our own amazing journey of possibilities!  I am here for you if I can help in any way.  Namaste.

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