What do you call these little guys? Stink bug? Boxelder? 

These guys are common this time of year, but when you encounter them multiple times in different ways, you might consider the deeper messages of why they are showing up for you. 

I’ve wondered for a while now what the deeper messages were of this animal spirit / insect spirit, so here’s my insight & story:

2 days ago I had just sat down on an outside rocking chair and was about to have a conversation with a shamanic sister when one showed up. 

(* Notice the fullness of your situation, it may be part of the deeper meaning. In this case, I wanted to share my gratitude for something she had introduced me to a few years back, I also shared new insights that had come up around it, honoring guidance and possibilities.)

I shared with my friend that we had a little friend join us (because in the shamanic world, this has meaning, but what?).

I shared with her that these guys show up for me often, and I had yet to receive the meaning of why. 

I also wondered “Why are these guys called stink bugs, surly there’s a better name for them?” 

And that was basically the end of that experience, until yesterday when one flew into my car.  I was about to leave to cleanse a clients place and here it was, flying in and landing on my passenger seat. Coincidence? Synchronicity?

“Alright, what are you about?” I asked it. 

I noticed it’s armor like shell, and imagined that was part of its message. 

Today I found some more about it. 

Stinkbug’s wisdom includes the following: exchange of life energy, use of exterior shell as protection, use of odor as protection, camouflage.

Exchange of life energy:

They get re-energised to continue their hard work while they feed on the plants and vegetables. This is a lesson to us that we should always have energy to achieve our goals in life.

Exterior shell for protection:

Those who have the stinkbug power would seek for protection in their surroundings. While our houses, for instance, act as a shelter, they also act as a protection shield to us.

Someone with an ill motive of killing us may not get to us easily when we are inside a house. Just as the stinkbug is protected by their outer shell, we also get protection from various things that we posses as human beings. Our money for instance can be a form of protection because it can also hire the security personnel to watch over us day and night.

Their odor as a way of protection:

When a predator comes, the stinkbug would produce and odor of a pungent smell. They will prevent them from being eaten by their predators. Just as the stinkbugs, we also have our own protection mechanisms that come up when we need to protect ourselves.

These include the internal characters we come up with to protect ourselves from harm. Some of us get angry to scare the enemy away. When someone comes to manipulate us we may get very angry at them and the anger can scare them away from us.

Some people also use smile or laughter to keep people off their personal problems. They are very depressed and feeling very sad but when you approach them; they smile in such a way as to show that they are happy and nothing is really wrong.

What more might you add about this little creature?

Information found at: https://www.auntyflo.com/magic/stinkbug

About the Author: Amy Renee Kraus is a Shamanic Practitioner, Creatrix, and Mentor.  She is passionate about alternative forms of wellness such as Sacred Sound, Sacred Geometry and loves inspiring others to receive the deeper meanings within life’s experiences.   Visit communityasmedicine.com to find out more about Amy and her offerings. 

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