Last year I had the privilege of being interviewed by Sheryl for her podcast (found HERE). We talked about a wide range of topics and the entire conversation was a joy. Then, a couple of months ago I asked Sheryl if she would participate in the virtual launch of my book, The Playbook: Creating the Life You Want.

Sheryl was kind enough to say yes and we started thinking about what our collaboration on this might look like. What I realized was that I wanted to write a letter. A letter to Sheryl and to all those she reaches with Journey of Possibilities.

1aPossibilities, what a wonderful word. What brought Sheryl and me together is our commitment to delving into the possibilities that life presents. Especially in these challenging times I believe that we are called to actively examine possibilities. My book is about reaching into our hearts and finding the truest dreams that we have for our lives. On her website, Facebook page, and in all her social media, Sheryl encourages us to do the same.

What possibilities are pulling at the corners of your mind? What possibilities are pulling at your heart? What dreams are you holding that you haven’t allowed yourself to explore? What contribution do you want to make to your personal world, to the larger world?

Each time we explore a new possibility we add a chapter to our story. When we carefully choose, and then live into, those possibilities we create a broader, richer life. One of the things that Sheryl and I know is that living this way demands courage and community.

orchidsLiving our lives being willing to move outside of our comfort zones is not for the faint of heart. Exploring the possibilities pretty well guarantees that at some point we are going to fail. Something is going to go badly and that’s why we need our community. We need those on the journey with us, or on a parallel journey, to help us stay on the path; to help us persist when it feels hard. We need our community to comfort us when our hearts are aching, and we need them to celebrate our accomplishments when they come.

When I was writing The Playbook there were many times when I felt like putting it in a drawer and walking away. My community kept me on the path. They were there when I was discouraged at my progress, or the lack thereof. They were there with invaluable input when I couldn’t figure out what was missing. And then, when The Playbook was finally done, they were there to celebrate with me.

I love that we aren’t alone on this journey. I love that this community exists to support us all as we play with the possibilities that life offers. I am delighted to be part of this community and hope that you’ll become part of mine as well.

Sheryl, my friend, thanks and blessings for what you have built for us all.

With gratitude and so much love,

Omkari Williams,

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