Sound Therapy, Energy Work, Healing

Every client session begins with a gentle conversation setting your intention for our time together and connecting with our guides and angels for clarity. Strongly guided by Divine intuition, we then blend elements of coaching, channeling, breath work, soul retrieval, epigenetic healing, and/or sound therapy and my own form of energy work influenced by training in Reiki, pranic healing, color therapy, sacred geometry, and the vibrations of bass and oceanic drums, singing bowls, crystals, and essential oils to bring deep relaxation and achieve your intention. Simply arrive ready and trust; we are always guided to the best path for achieving your intention. Read on for best results and to schedule your session below.

FOR BEST RESULTS: eat light prior to our time together, drink plenty of water, wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes, bring a journal, and wear or bring socks if desired (guests are asked to remove shoes upon arrival). Try to allow some quiet time for yourself afterwards to allow further insights/emotions and integrate all that has opened in you.

INVESTMENT: You decide after we conclude based upon your circumstances and the value you receive. SCHEDULE: HERE.

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