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5 Spiritual Strategies to Embrace and Embody Change

Congratulations, brave soul! You chose to be alive at this time to experience these energies and shifts and help co-create a New Earth. That’s no small feat. Welcome to a world in which we are learning to anchor ourselves in change as the new norm. We’re eating healthier. We are rebalancing our masculine and feminine energies. We seek to restore harmony with our planet. New systems of government and finance are being contemplated as the old ones fail. We are finding a deeper spirituality than religions offer. We are creating less codependent ways of being in relationship with one another. This is wonderful, yet at times it can be a bit scary sailing uncharted waters. Which way to go? When is the right time?

As innovators, we are making this up as we go along!  We must learn to hone and trust our intuition and guidance and become more comfortable with the void, the unknown.  This can be a sticky thing for some of us, myself included. Here are some tips I use to enJOY this journey and stay in joy, where I make my best decisions and hear Spirit, rather than fear, where things tend to get all mucked up:

Look at all of this with the wonder of a child. As we create this new Earth, approaching every new consideration with the wonder of a child allows us to stay in the expansive energy of possibility. From this perspective, there are many opportunities and we can play in possibility to our heart’s content.

Trust. Trust.  Trust.  We have Divine Creator energy flowing through us, yet we tiptoe around afraid of our own shadows! A more empowered way to create this New World is to spend a few moments every day (and any time you feel fear creeping in) reflecting on how supported you have been throughout your life. Remember the people you didn’t expect who showed up at just the right time, resources that came when we allowed for new answers, and the courage we found way deep inside when we needed it most. We are more supported than we usually acknowledge, so let’s embrace that!  Ask for guidance, listen (again and again, not just once), and then start moving forward feeling all that loving support.

Rewrite your self-limiting stories and beliefs. Once we step into the unknown, we start seeing our shadows. These are limiting belief stories we wrote after things went wrong in the past to keep ourselves safe. Ironically, when we block risk, we also block reward. Recognize these stories as they appear and see how they are now limiting possibility. Work to rewrite them into more powerful belief systems. (Getting help from a coach is always helpful here. Let me know if I can help.)

Notice how you are feeling. Our bodies are truly amazing organisms, and they are always giving us feedback about our choices, decisions, and lifestyle. When we are making choices that are in alignment with our heart and soul, we feel good.  Likewise, when we are not in alignment, our vibration gets lower, we have less energy, we feel worse, and even get sick and experience pain. In short, living our soul journey feels fantastic, and it is intended to! Learning to pay attention to our bodies and how they feel gives us immediate feedback for the choices and decisions we are making.

Stop and appreciate where we are right now. It’s easy to get caught up in the visions we are giving for a New World. We get excited and busy and forget to savor the creative process. Stop and see all that is good about this very moment, this very World. Instead of focusing on what needs to be healed, fixed, and done, look at all that is miraculous about right here and now.  Every moment is a miracle.  All of nature is a miracle. We are miracles! Really breathe that in deep into the body and feel the heart expand. There. That’s miraculous, too!

Connect for support. It may feel like you’re alone in this, and it’s true that many of the answers you seek must come from your own heart and guidance. This does not mean you cannot enjoy the loving support of other like-minded, like-spirited people along the journey. Reach out often for support, comfort, and ideas. This life journey is not about the destination but rather the journey. That journey is richer when shared.

May these tips help you in those human moments we all experience.  I honor you in this journey.  You are an amazing soul here creating a New Earth. Way to go! What a powerhouse. I extend you love and hold you in empowering, healing Light as you continue on your journey.

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Speaker/Broadcaster, Writer, & Facilitator

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