Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

I really enjoyed connecting with your heart/spirit! You have an amazing voice that brings energy through you … it made it easy to just BE and share!!

Rebecca Hamm, Co-Founder of The One Center Austin

Sheryl as a Creative “Make It Happen” Person

Sheryl is a hard working, creative, ‘make it happen’ kind of person. I enjoyed working with her.

Robert Adair, President, Convergent Water Technologies

Sheryl as Radio Show Host & About Exploring Possibilities

I loved doing your show with you. I honestly didn’t have much of a sense of how the interview flowed – I was very much in the moment for better or worse. Due to your great interview skills, I believe the show is one that I will share broadly! You also provide great ideas for… Read more “Sheryl as Radio Show Host & About Exploring Possibilities”

Marcia Hale, BA in Int'l Development, Masters in Urban Planning, presently pursuing PhD, also Mediator & Conflict Resolution Catalyst

Sheryl as a Passionate, Committed Leader

Sheryl embodies passion and commitment. She understands and demonstrates that in order to lead and accomplish you must hit the mind with messages and pound the heart with passion. You must have both to have something that not like a shooting star but which will shine brightly for a long time. Sheryl also knows this… Read more “Sheryl as a Passionate, Committed Leader”

Steve Scott, The Houston Business Coach

Sheryl Takes on Challenges with Passion and a Positive Attitude

Sheryl is intelligent, caring, respectful, innovative and compassionate about all she does. She takes on challenges with passion and a positive attitude and achieves great end results.

Marilyn Kasmiersky, Advisory Council Member for Montgomery County Housing Authority Family Self-Sufficiency Program and Independent Ambassador, Plexus Worldwide

Sheryl as a Passionate and Organized Asset to Your Business

Sheryl’s passion and desire for helping others is incredible. She is very organized and full of drive to make a difference in people’s lives. The sky is the limit for Sheryl when she takes on a project or objective. She would be an asset to any team!

Scott Harper, Senior Major Gifts Director, YMCA of Greater Houston

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

I just finished listening to our recording– it was AMAZING!  You are so awesome at what you do! Thank you for seizing the chance to be the light, and to help others shine theirs as well!  Big hugs, soul sister!

Aurianna Joy, Pleasure & Prosperity Coach

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

You did a wonderful job leading the interview and you have such a lovely on air voice!

Barbara Symons, Author, Speaker, Ordained Minister

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

I recently had the honor of being a guest on Sheryl’s radio show Exploring Possibilities, and was blown away with the caliber of both her show and her professional demeanor. Right away, Sheryl brought an incredible level of high engagement, purposeful questions, and thoughtful reflections. Her voice is soothing and masterful as she navigates the… Read more “Sheryl as a Radio Show Host”

Candy Barone, CMCP, MBA, CEO, Int'l Speaker, Author, Leadership Trainer, Executive Coach

Sheryl as a High-Energy Professional, Public Speaker, and Networker

Sheryl Sitts is a high-energy, upbeat professional, adept at networking and managing people. She is unafraid to be out in front of groups of people, inspiring them to action, yet is equally willing to be behind the scenes making things happen.  I have had the pleasure of working with her as mentor to EfTA student… Read more “Sheryl as a High-Energy Professional, Public Speaker, and Networker”

Cathy Yowell, Controller, Spring Trading Company

Sheryl as a Major Network Radio Broadcasting Professional

Launching a new radio format in a top ten radio market is a huge challenge. Fortunately the launch of MIX 96.5 brought together a team of passionate, hard working individuals that shared a common vision — to create a unique radio station that listeners would call their own. Sheryl was one of those key individuals… Read more “Sheryl as a Major Network Radio Broadcasting Professional”

Joe Poggie, CEO and Principal, Strike Marketing

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

Thank you for your time and amplification of these messages for Highest Good.  The process was a very professional one of comfort, ease and thoughtful dialog.  I appreciate the smooth and appropriate edits and transitions, as well. Keep shining your Light!

Lin Weiss, Integrative Therapist for Natural Healing & Wellness

On Sheryl’s Positive View of the World

Sheryl is a delightful, hard thinking, hard working, mature adult. She has a wonderful, positive view of the world. All of these characteristics make her capable of many various roles.

Tia Huggins, Director of Care Coordination, Imperial Beach Community Clinic

Sheryl is Committed to Others’ Success

Sheryl is extremely conscientious. Her primary focus is people and she excels at connecting them. She genuinely wants others to succeed and achieve their full potential. I have seen her connect job seekers with employers and prospects with quality salespeople that she knows – all selflessly. If you aren’t communicating and connecting with her –… Read more “Sheryl is Committed to Others’ Success”

Mike Fortner, President, Open Door Benefits, LLC

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

I appreciate very much the (interview) opportunity and loved the experience…Thanks so much for everything you do, I think it has a lot of value for this like-minded community.

Dr. Julio Arroyo, OD, PScD, MBA, Founder of Eye Health Consultants

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

It was really fun talking with you and I loved the podcast. Keep spreading the positive word.

Rob Greenfield Inspiring a Happy, Healthy Earth

Sheryl as a Major Network Radio Broadcasting Professional

What a pleasure it was working with Sheryl Sitts (“Vaughan”) at MIX 96.5. She is a very talented radio personality, but more than that she is a true positive force in any team situation she takes on. Sheryl is one of those magic people who can change the mood of a roomful of people simply… Read more “Sheryl as a Major Network Radio Broadcasting Professional”

Paul Christy, Voicework/Imaging/Radio Personality/Programmer

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

Sheryl, you are a pro!  Your sweet spirit and professional manner made me sound reasonable!  You helped me SHINE!  I’m so grateful to be on your show.  And appreciate your generous nature with me!!

Sandy Parker, LightenUP Global Muse/Mentor/Speaker

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

I had such a good time with you and would certainly love to do it again one day…Very grateful to you and Mario for your kindness and friendship.

Eric Allen, Change Your World Coach, Speaker, & Author

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

I really enjoyed talking with you.  You are such a gifted interviewer!

Renu Agrawal, Holistic Health Coach, Renu Your Life

Sheryl as a Professional Event Planner

I first met Sheryl while she was employed by Education for Tomorrow Alliance (EfTA). She was managing a science fair project for high school students. She approached the project with a large amount of enthusiasm and pulled off a very successful event. I have since seen her involved with other projects and she manages them… Read more “Sheryl as a Professional Event Planner”

Gary Valmain, Owner, Computerwurx

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

I had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed by Sheryl on her show. Sheryl guided the flow of our conversation with ease, presence and joyfulness. I felt honored by her and was very pleased.

Annie Wilson, MBA, PhD, OD Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer

Sheryl as a Creative Community Development Director

Sheryl has been a creative driving for the Community Development Director at Education for Tomorrow Alliance (EfTA). Her efforts greatly help the community and provide college access to K-12 students. Sheryl is highly recognized for her tireless community development efforts.

Brian Schmaefsky, Biology Professor at Lone Star College Kingwood

Sheryl is Bright, Articulate, and Grabs Live with Both Hands

Sheryl Sitts is one of the most exuberant persons I have ever met. She is bright, articulate, and grabs life with both hands. She is also warm, genuine and a woman of great character. I have had the privilege to work with her in several venues and have fully enjoyed her each time. She truly… Read more “Sheryl is Bright, Articulate, and Grabs Live with Both Hands”

Dr. Silvia Mishler, MA, ThD, NCC, LCDC-S, LPC-I, Psychotherapist, Kingwood Pines Hospital

Sheryl as an Enthusiastic and Appreciative Motivator

Sheryl was the main reason that I volunteered for EfTA. Her vibrance and enthusiasm were always driving forces behind her message there. Even if you couldn’t spare time for a particular event, she was always very gracious in following up (setting you up for the next event.) Sheryl… is both enthusiastic and professional.

Rob Roberts, Director Process & Technology, Opportune, LLP

Sheryl Loves Community, Life and Service

Sheryl Sitts provided outstanding service for the Boy Scouts of America by providing on-site and in-store services and support to our local Cub Scout Pack. Sheryl always made herself available during and beyond regular store hours to ensure our Pack was provided with necessary tools and resources to outfit such activities as: (1) a Bike… Read more “Sheryl Loves Community, Life and Service”

Christopher Rollwitz, Former Cub Scout Leader, Program Chair for Business Administration and IT Director for Arlington Baptist College

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

Sheryl is a very professional interviewer. The conversation was elegantly managed for time while experiencing an ease in the dialogue.  Her questions were targeted to bring out the best of the interviewee and she gives ample opportunity to share with her listeners how to connect with you for follow up information.  She is great with… Read more “Sheryl as a Radio Show Host”

Jessica Crystal Joy, Feminine Empowerment Specialist

Sheryl as an Inspirational, Fun Person Who Helps Others Succeed

Sheryl was always very inspirational and upbeat about activities in the community and about helping others. She is a very positive person and drives others to be positive also. She is a lot of fun to work with and remains focused on the job at hand, looking for ways to improve others, and looking for… Read more “Sheryl as an Inspirational, Fun Person Who Helps Others Succeed”

Rebecca Criss Jones, Director of Connections & Discipleship Ministries, Tomball United Methodist Church

Sheryl Gives 100%

Sheryl Sitts demonstrated a passion and dedication to her position at EfTA. My observations as director for Lone Star Corporate College recognized in Sheryl an individual that gave 100 percent to her position. I fully endorse Sheryl.

Pattie Woerner Buerger, Executive Director, Lone Star Corporate College

Sheryl as an Organizer and Motivator of People

I highly recommend Sheryl for her ability to bring a diverse group of volunteers together in reaching the community. It takes skill, talent and lots of patience to make it happen and Sheryl has it all!

Phyllis M. Miller, Founder & Personal Development Success Coach, Image for Success

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

I just got off one of the most fun, easy interviews I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been interviewed quite a few times and the thing that always matters most is the quality of the interviewer. Sheryl Sitts is amazing. Her questions were so thoughtful and she covered the things that I would have listed in the,… Read more “Sheryl as a Radio Show Host”

Omkari Williams, Actress, Creativity Coach, Storytelling Mentor

On Sheryl’s Leadership and Presentation Skills

Sheryl was an enthusiastic, hard-working, organized member of the Leadership Montgomery County Class of 2009. Sheryl stepped forward and took the leadership role in the Class Project of revamping the trail system and other amenities at Carl Barton, Jr. Park in Conroe, Texas.  She has excellent presentation skills with the ability to have others quickly… Read more “On Sheryl’s Leadership and Presentation Skills”

Frankie Alexander, President Emeritus, Leadership Montgomery County

Sheryl as a Respectful, Kind Leader

I volunteered for various activities hosted by the Education for Tomorrow Alliance…I can say from my experiences working for her that she is an excellent leader: she is direct and clear, but also respectful and very kind. I would recommend her for any (project), especially one focused on leadership or one that is people-oriented.

Jordan Cazamias, Computer Vision Data Intern, Magic Leap

About Sheryl’s Energy and Passion

Sheryl has a high energy level and passion for whatever she puts her mind and heart into. I enjoyed working with her and found her honest and easy to work with.

Carlos Rosales, PDM, Certified Business Coach, Convene Houston

Sheryl as an Upbeat Person with Passion for Youth and Community

In my dealings with Sheryl while she was Community Development Director at EfTA, I found her to be a positive, upbeat and energetic person who had a strong desire to improve the lives of our young people. She cares deeply for our community and is always willing to lend a helping hand to make this… Read more “Sheryl as an Upbeat Person with Passion for Youth and Community”

John Bracken, Executive Director, Montgomery County Youth Services

Sheryl on Managing Multiple Moving Parts with Ease

In working with Sheryl, I am always impressed with her calm, reassuring demeanor. Sheryl is responsible for numerous events held at (Lone Star College Montgomery) campus, many of which have many moving parts. Her ability to control the situation, even when things might not be going as planned, is remarkable. She is self-directed, easy-going, but… Read more “Sheryl on Managing Multiple Moving Parts with Ease”

Steve Scheffler, Communications Officer, Pflugerville ISD

Sheryl as a Coach and Passionate Inspiration

Sheryl has a big heart and has the spirit to match. She is energetic, provides great ideas and is great person to have as either a client, friend or service provider. Her ideas are completely out of the box. She has passion, desire, respect and loves everything she does. She can give you ideas you… Read more “Sheryl as a Coach and Passionate Inspiration”

Mario Rosales, Online Strategist & Community Builder, Tech Life Balance

Sheryl as an Entrepreneurial Coach

I had my whole life changed for the better after I met Sheryl Sitts and then subsequently participated in her program. Journey of Possibilities is not just a name – Sheryl has the unique ability to listen and then actually understand deep concepts, then she comes up with ideas that I would NEVER have thought… Read more “Sheryl as an Entrepreneurial Coach”

Rosemary Slade, OTR, Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Coach

Sheryl as a Professional and Master Networker

As a volunteer Board Member, It was my pleasure to work with Sheryl during her time at EfTA. She was very personable and professional to work with. Sheryl has mastered the skill of networking!

Gil Staley, CEO, The Woodlands Area Economic Development Partnership

Sheryl as a Professional Outreach Coordinator and Connector

Sheryl paved the way for the Outreach position at REI Houston-Willowbrook. Her professional connections and instinct put the outreach program on the right path. Her contribution to the organization is invaluable. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to gather insight and recommendations from Sheryl during my first year with REI.

Diana Acker, Community Marketing Manager, DICK’S Sporting Goods

Sheryl as a Marketing Expert

Sheryl had a lot of really good ideas for marketing… the Education for Tomorrow Alliance. She implemented many good marketing practices which helped the nonprofit through a difficult time.

Judy Easton, Agent Assistant, Keller Williams Real Estate

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

It’s taken me a few days to find the courage to listen to myself being interviewed by you…you did a great job in tightening up the places that may have had long pauses because of my dual thoughts.  I’m very happy with how it turned out.  It’s the first interview I’ve done.  I’ve spoken well… Read more “Sheryl as a Radio Show Host”

M. Kris Landry, MRE, Author, Speaker, Singer/Songwriter, Counselor & Fformer Hospice Chaplain

Sheryl as a Volunteer Trainer and Professional Leader

Sheryl is outgoing and strives to perform her best in the position that she performs. Sheryl was instrumental in recruiting me to participate in the EfTA. She contacted me to participate in several of the of the educational program offered including be a Judge for SCI-TECH the area science fair, Choices, Take-a-Stand and the summer… Read more “Sheryl as a Volunteer Trainer and Professional Leader”

Steven Arnold, DC, Founder, Arnold Chiropractic

Sheryl as a Dedicated Visionary

Sheryl is a dedicated and hard worker who is building her Journey of Possibilities business. She has commitment, desire and a full vision of how it will be. I trust in her vision and see the possibilities of what she is working toward. I believe in her concept and will support her every effort. She… Read more “Sheryl as a Dedicated Visionary”

Louise "Lady Lou" Dewey, The Baby Boomer Babe

Sheryl as a Compassionate, Driven and Detail-Oriented Resource

Regardless of the job at hand….If you want someone that is detailed oriented, compassionate, caring, and with a fierce drive to succeed and complete the task….then you want Sheryl Sitts.

Randy Lovelace, VP/Agent, Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies, Inc.

Sheryl’s Role in Helping to Create a 501(c)(3) Multi-User Trail Coalition

Sheryl is very personable and professional to work with. Sheryl assisted me in developing a trails user coalition out of a large group of individuals who had diverse viewpoints and interest. Sheryl was willing to lead the effort to educate the group on community develop goals and how to work within an atmosphere of conflicting… Read more “Sheryl’s Role in Helping to Create a 501(c)(3) Multi-User Trail Coalition”

Julie Molzahn, BS, Comprehensive Plan Team Leader, US Forest Service

Sheryl as a Visionary

The Lady with many hats and a great vision is an amazing person to know and have in your life. Sheryl’s journey is full of possibilities that are going to be exceptional to see and to be part of.

Glenna Griffin, Independent Leisure, Travel & Tourism Professional

Sheryl as a Professional Event Planner and Volunteer Trainer/Coordinator

I was involved for several years with CHOICES a program using volunteer speakers to talk to High School students on staying in school and doing well while there. Also i was a judge in the Science Fair for Conroe schools. Sheryl was the key person at Education for Tomorrow and because of her the events… Read more “Sheryl as a Professional Event Planner and Volunteer Trainer/Coordinator”

Jay Strickland, BBA, Distinguished Toastmaster, Trainer at Dale Carnegie

Sheryl as a Passionate Motivator

I cannot say that I know a more motivated, passionate and true individual than Sheryl. My experiences and insight I have received from her being and personality have motivated me to improve from within. Sheryl will definitely bring a new and productive direction to your endeavor.

Michael Elmquist, PE, Project Manager, Ovivo

Sheryl as a Passionate Motivator and Visionary Leader

Sheryl is an active, dynamic, and deeply committed individual who is passionate about all of the things that she decides to pursue. She is a motivator, a connector and a unique individual who can create interpersonal synergies to get things done. She lives by her ideals and has a clear vision of what she wants… Read more “Sheryl as a Passionate Motivator and Visionary Leader”

James Patterson, LCDC, CEO, Allied Counseling of Conroe

Sheryl as an Entrepreneurial Coach

Sheryl’s holistic style business coaching has been truly a God-send. For someone like me that is more into the dreaming and creating it was so nice to have someone that could speak my language while guiding me through the steps of marketing and growing my business. She has a true gift for spanning that gap… Read more “Sheryl as an Entrepreneurial Coach”

Amanda Rey Peterson, Gratitude & Empowerment Coach

Sheryl is Dedicated to Community

Sheryl’s love for her local community is continuous and inspirational. Sheryl stays in engaged with the community and is always staying two steps ahead to find the next opportunity. Sheryl knows what she wants and makes the planned adjustments to reach her goals. I can’t wait to work with Sheryl again.

David Sims, Bike Barn

Sheryl as Enthusiastic, Innovative Marketer & Visionary

Sheryl proved herself an enthusiastic, forward thinking, smart, and inventive marketer for EfTA. She worked hard to achieve her vision for the organization for the short and long term. I would love to work with her again in any capacity for I am sure that she brings the same talents to anything she endeavors.

Amy Mayer, CEO, friEd Technology

Sheryl as an Inspiring, Enthusiastic Leader

I first met Sheryl Sitts through our local Chamber of Commerce and was immediately drawn to her incredibly positive attitude. We then had an opportunity to work together with Leadership Montgomery County and the community project that was selected. Sheryl was one of the core people to help pull the team together. I was not… Read more “Sheryl as an Inspiring, Enthusiastic Leader”

Michell Bradie, Attorney, Sr. Partner at Bradie, Bradie & Bradie

Sheryl as a Motivating Entrepreneurial Coach

Sheryl is a truly creative and passionate person. She was very motivating to work with as I was getting started with my new business. I’m looking forward to working with her on other projects in the future.

Angela Sebaly, CEO & Co-Founder, Personify Leadership

Sheryl as Energetic, Enthusiastic and Creative…One of a Kind

Sheryl is a hardworking, high energy, enthusiastic worker. When I worked with her as (REI) Outreach Specialist, she was very active in her role constantly in communication with other groups, pushing initiatives, confirming participation in events, and showing creativity all while focusing on the bottom line. She is very detailed oriented and has great people… Read more “Sheryl as Energetic, Enthusiastic and Creative…One of a Kind”

Mike Lutomski, Former President of Greater Houston Off Road Biking Association & Director of System Safety, Risk, and Reliability at Space Exploration Technologies

Sheryl as a Passionate, Authentic Citizen

Sheryl Sitts is one of those people that bubbles with energy and does what she does with passion and excellence. I have had the privilege of working with her, and nothing is more certain about her than her passion for the community. Having worked on several projects together, I can attest to her genuineness and… Read more “Sheryl as a Passionate, Authentic Citizen”

Kozhi Sidney Makai, PhD, SPHR, Author, Speaker, Performance Coach

Sheryl Brings a Unique, Creative Perspective

Sheryl was a diligent student (in the MPA program at SHSU) who always made sure to put the time into her studies so that she could get the best results. She not only worked hard, but helped those around her work hard and understand the material as well. If she did not understand something immediately,… Read more “Sheryl Brings a Unique, Creative Perspective”

Ashley Moulder, Doctor of Law, MPA International Business

Sheryl as a Coach and Friend

There are those times we are on the mountaintop and the current winds seem to blow favorably in our direction. The air is sweet and bliss abounds. How can we be so happy, have things going our way, and feel so favored? Oh yes, those are glorious times!  And then, the wind current changes and… Read more “Sheryl as a Coach and Friend”

Donna Wick-Milstead, PhD, Founder & CEO

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

You made the whole process very easy, and I enjoyed our conversation tremendously. Thanks so much for the opportunity to do this.

Pamela Stockton, Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

Sheryl’s silky voice and at laid-back style made a recent interview on her Journey of Possibilities show an absolute treat. I have done more than my share of radio interviews, but Sheryl’s was by far the most enjoyable experience I have had because she does her homework and asks intelligent questions.

Rita Mills, Founder/Publisher, 3rd Coast Books

Sheryl is Adept at Bringing New Business, New Ideas and New Clients

Sheryl was extremely adept at bringing new business and ideas to REI through her outreach efforts. She was continually bringing new people into the co-op who would have never known it existed.  A prime example was setting up a vendor booth at a festival in the upscale community of The Woodlands. By doing this the… Read more “Sheryl is Adept at Bringing New Business, New Ideas and New Clients”

Kevin Bonneville, Wordpress and Web Developer

Sheryl as a Professional Event Planner

I had the pleasure of working with Sheryl annually at LSC-Montgomery regarding the SCI-Tech Science Exhibition. Although our time spent together was once a year, the detailing of this event occurred year-round. SCI-Tech is a major project that requires a great deal of advanced planning as well as organization, coordination skills, fundraising and logistics. Each… Read more “Sheryl as a Professional Event Planner”

Rhonda Bordes, Managing Director, Student Support Call Center, Lone Star College Montgomery

Sheryl as a Radio Show Host

Words cannot adequately express how wonderful my experience with you and BEing on your show was and continues to be! I am incredibly impressed with the level of professionalism both you and Mario hold with your work. The process flowed so smoothly and the end result is such a gift for me and the people… Read more “Sheryl as a Radio Show Host”

Heather Elizabeth, Evolutionary Leader/Founder of the SHINE Movement, Author

Sheryl as an Entrepreneurial Coach and Visionary

Anyone that has tried to bring something new into this world knows that it is a long and painful battle, whether that ‘something new’ is a book, painting, business, or just some impossible achievement. Sheryl and her vision for Journey of Possibilities is like that safe bunker where we can rest, be healed, meet and… Read more “Sheryl as an Entrepreneurial Coach and Visionary”

James Crossman, CISSP, CISM, Information Security Professional, Photographer, and Founder of Bad Wolf Boudoir

Sheryl as a Motivator and Inspiration

Sheryl is such an inspirational person to work with!  She always has something interesting to share and likes to take care about others.  I think she’s the person to be connected with, especially in the Northern Houston area, because she motivates business owners to do their best, to grow their business in a spiritual way. … Read more “Sheryl as a Motivator and Inspiration”

Florence C. Hagnere, CEO, The French Scene, Inc. European Fine Lingerie

Sheryl as an Enthusiastic and Creative Partner

Sheryl and I worked together in the development of a relationship that is now long standing between the charity CYCLE (then Elves & More) and REI. Her enthusiasm, willingness to think outside the box and especially her follow through, made this a wonderful partnership which is still ongoing.

Rebecca Roberts, Executive Director, CYCLE

Sheryl as an Enthusiastic Marketer and Networker

Sheryl is an amazing marketer and networker. Anything she does, she does with enthusiasm and an eye for excellence…

Yvonne Maddox, Ad Manager, The Ad Junkies

Sheryl as a Professional and Active Community Member

I have worked with Sheryl on several occasions throughout a span of many years. Sheryl has a special talent in getting things done correctly, on time and being able to handle a challenging task without getting swayed from the main objective at hand. She is a true professional in every sense of the word. She… Read more “Sheryl as a Professional and Active Community Member”

Saul Castillo, RLS, RPLS, Alta Vista Surveying

Sheryl as a Charismatic, Positive, Relationship-Focused Professional

Sheryl is very active, eager to help and apply her vast knowledge and skills. She is very smart and charismatic, always with a good attitude. She has great ideas and relationships within the industry.

Jorge Manzanera, Founder/Director, Skagit Mediation

Sheryl as a Qualified, Energetic Professional

Sheryl was well qualified and energetic in pursuit of excellence in her work as Community Development Director at Education for Tomorrow Alliance. Her professional development was enhanced by her active participation in Leadership Montgomery County.

Claude Hunter, Volunteer Director for The Woodlands Township

Sheryl is Energetic and Makes Even the Tedious Tasks Fun

Sheryl is one of the most fun people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She makes even the most tedious of tasks enjoyable with her inspiring and energetic personality. I am so proud to call Sheryl a friend and to see her accomplish so much. Without reservation, I recommend Sheryl for any endeavor… Read more “Sheryl is Energetic and Makes Even the Tedious Tasks Fun”

JJ Hollie, President & CEO, The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce