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    Exploring Possibilities: Suzy Greene on Ways To Hear God

    Meet Suzy Greene, Author, Speaker, Coach, and Int'l Facilitator ( as you enjoy her fun chat with hostess Sheryl Sitts
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    Exploring Possibilities: Escaping Christianity, Finding Christ with Barbara Symons

    Minister, author, speaker, teacher and student Barbara Symons ( tells hostess Sheryl Sitts ( about her journey
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    Feeling Stuck? How I Found My Groove

    Boy did I get stuck in the final weeks of 2012.  As our energy levels were being raised further, I kept hearing how the old ways will no longer work and we
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    Our Journey to Consciousness

    How did we get so caught up in judging each others’ paths to consciousness that we forgot the purpose?  Within each religion are factions or
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    Healing Spaces

    Life sure can knock us down…low! At one point several years ago, I actually walked out of a well-paying professional job at which I was doing well
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    Let's Make a Deal

    Do you recall the game show Let’s Make a Deal?  Contestants could either keep prizes they won or gamble them for bigger prizes. It  was fun to watch
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    The Spiritual Continuum

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    Seeing Things Differently

    Recently, I’ve begun praying that God would help me to “see things differently and find the best, most healing path” in areas of my life
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    Never Settle

    Good ol’ Mom (RIP) used to say these words to me about marriage.  I’d discuss a boyfriend with whom things were getting serious, and
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    The Power of Living Vulnerably

    Losing my mother to cancer was one of the most difficult experiences of my life.  Having just returned from my honeymoon, I went from a great emotional