Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA ~ Journey of Possibilities Founder

Hi, I’m Sheryl Sitts and WELCOME to my website!  I have created this space (with infinite loving support and patience from Mario Rosales of Tech-Life Balance) to share my transformational journey and community with you.  May your heart, soul, body and life find enrichment here.

I spent the first forty years of my life striving to be the best I could be personally and professionally, yet somehow could not shake my self-defeating stories of abandonment, sexual abuse, substance abuse, debt/scarcity, and a deep fear that whatever and whomever I treasured most in my life would disappear.  I explored religions, relationships / communication and personal growth through classes/workshops, books, conversations, and daily life…and I still ended up divorced, unemployed and lost.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Tao Te Ching

At this point, I began meeting holistic, spiritual practitioners and guides.  I began to meet holistic and spiritual practitioners I felt I’d known my whole life.  I participated in a 10-Day Vipassana silent meditation retreat, traveled to the jungles of Peru several times to begin working with sacred plant medicines, opened my house to a transformational coach, and discovered White Eagle Lodge right around the corner from my new home.  Using my professional broadcasting skills, I launched my Exploring Possibilities podcast (which I still host weekly) to interview inspiring people about natural healing and spiritual living.  I dove deep into these practices and finally found the healing I had long sought for childhood trauma and perceptions of victimhood so I could begin to finally love myself and rediscover my true power.

Today I embrace a deep inner peace, joy, and accountability for creating my life in every moment.  I know that I create my reality through my thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions, and I live consciously through my daily practices.  I am a Certified Transformation Coach and Holistic Practitioner who would love nothing more than to help you get more of what you really want in life by releasing past traumas and living your authentic power and purpose.  You are more powerful than you can imagine, and life truly is a Journey of Possibilities!  Are you ready?  Contact me!

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JOURNEY OF POSSIBILITIES is your Portal of Possibility!  Special thanks to Mario Rosales for his patience, love and guidance in creating this space.  Please make yourself at HOME and enjoy your visit.