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Hi, I’m Sheryl Sitts.  WELCOME to my website created with the support of online community-builder Mario Rosales of Tech-Life Balance to enrich your life through exploring possibilities and shifting perspectives in holistic, spiritual ways.

Like many women, I spent years pursuing a dream shaped for me by parents, family, friends, teachers, bosses, husband, pastors, and society.  Grateful to have a healthy mind, I’ve earned degrees in Communication and Public Administration and am a Certified Family Mediator.  I have enjoyed successful careers in professional broadcasting and small business management.  I was married for thirteen years to a good man and enjoyed a healthy, active life raising fabulous children, owning a couple of homes, and acquiring creature comforts.  I am deeply grateful for all of this!

Inside I struggled with pain and feeling disconnected.  Given up for adoption at birth, I have a deep fear of abandonment and sense of not quite belonging. I was introduced to sexual touch in childhood by trusted family members which created issues around touch, trust, intimacy, and body image.  Our subsequent family business bankruptcy led me to resent money and fear scarcity and failure.  Overwhelmed by the emotional hurricane brewing inside, I began acting out until I was abruptly expelled from my Christian school and excommunicated from the church as a “bad kid.”  In my child-eyes, it felt like God was rejecting me! I was determined to get back into good graces and I became a straight-A, overachieving ‘people-pleaser.’  I graduated with honors at 16 and spent the following years excelling professionally while privately numbing out with sex, alcohol, and drugs until I almost died an overdose.  Scared straight and sober, I tried religion, counseling, workshops, and self-help books to no avail.  I ended up divorced and unemployed by my mid-forties.

I’d finally cleared my karmic debts and became a poster-child for the 2012 Shift as I began meeting and working with holistic, spiritual practitioners.  I participated in a 10-Day Vipassana silent meditation retreat, traveled to the jungles of Peru and began working with sacred plant medicines, opened my house to a transformational coach and learned how we create our reality, and discovered White Eagle Lodge near my new home.  I launched Journey of Possibilities and  Exploring Possibilities to share holistic spirituality and help others.

I have found my deep inner peace and joy.  I am always raising my vibration and healing at new levels, but I no longer feel like a victim of what others want for me or things that happen to me.  I know who I AM and consciously create my relationships and my life moment by moment through my intentions, thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions.  I have also become a spiritual holistic coach and practitioner to help others find their inner peace and joy!

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