Shamanic Talk & Sound Ceremony

Mario strikes the drum as Sheryl brings in the vibration of crystal and metal bowls to shift the frequency

Mario Rosales and I (Sheryl Sitts) have shared this shamanic healing journey since 2011, traveling to Peru to work with plant medicines like ayahuasca and others, working with sound healing, drumming journeys, and also embracing the vibrational healing of gemstones and crystals.  We have a heightened awareness about the fact that all life has a spirit and how we energetically attract certain animal life into our paths to learn from their “animal medicine”.  We also work with dowsing and other divination tools like cards and runes to receive tangible answers from Spirit to the questions and challenges that arise in their lives.  We enjoy balancing our masculine (outward expression) and feminine (inner receptivity) energies within ourselves and our relationship, especially using vibrational sound.


Mario shows how they traditionally poured runes on the skin of a drum and read them to interpret their meaning and message by how they landed.

We have prepared a one-hour talk about our shamanic healing journeys which includes a 20-minute vibrational sound ceremony when we blend crystal and metal singing bowls with drumming, rain stick, rattles, and more to move energy in the room and within all our bodies.

Would you like for us to bring our talk and sound ceremony to you?  We simply ask for a reciprocal exchange of energy the Andean Q’ero call ayni* of $25/person for any event within 35 miles of our Montgomery, TX home.  (We are happy to travel further and ask that our additional time and expenses be reflected in the recommended ayni.)

CONTACT US HERE to host/schedule a Shamanic Talk & Sound Ceremony.

Join us at 6:00 PM on Sunday, September 10th at

Spring Yoga, 3707 Spring Stuebner, Ste E, Spring, TX 77389

“In the Andean tradition, everything is mutually connected and interrelated, and ‘ayni’ is therefore simply a description of reality and seeks to remind us…’When you give something, you are entitled to get something back, and when you get something you have an obligation to reciprocate and give something back.’ When the Q’ero call it the sacred art of reciprocity, it is because they want to bring the energy back to the divine – to that which is One. Ayni is more than that, however. It is about lifting each other up to higher levels so that everyone grows. It is about sharing, so all have what they need.” (