*NEW* Remember Who You Are Group Program

Do you meet goals but still feel unfulfilled?

Is most of your time spent pleasing others (spouse, boss, clients, friends, teachers, children, etc)?

Do you have a nagging feeling that something is missing in your life?

Are you frustrated that others don’t see or appreciate your value?

Do you doubt yourself and rely on others to help you make big decisions?

I get it!  After spending most of my life this way, things began to really shift for me a few years ago (my story is HERE) when I began to learn powerful practices and habits I could use to find and anchor in my inner Divine wisdom, power, and love, question the ‘rules’ I’d always lived by, and begin to create the life I really want.  I now invite you to be one of six women to take a six week journey with me to finally create the life, love and abundance you deserve!  If you feel inspired by this, consider joining us for a fun, life-changing journey.  Hope to see you there!  In gratitude, love, and Light, Sheryl Sitts 



I AM DIVINE.  You’re more powerful & precious than you imagine.

I KNOW MY TRUTH.  All the answers you need are within you.

I CREATE MY REALITY.  You can create the life you really want!


Q:  What religion or belief system is this?   A.  This is not a religion and all faiths are welcome.  This is a spiritual journey into your innate power, wisdom, and love, designed to meet you where you are and expand / deepen whatever you hold most sacred and valuable.  There is no dogma.

Q:  Who is this program best suited for?  A: This program works well as a stand-alone personal transformation journey or to help integrate shifts from other experiences (such as sacred plant medicine ceremonies) that may have left you fragmented.  You will receive many strategies and practices that enable you to experience massive shifts from the inside out that will impact every aspect of your life: health, romance, money/abundance, friendships, family, career and more! 

Q:  As a participant, what do I get?  A:  You receive:

  • Three 30-minute educational videos filled with information and exercises to expand yourself in new ways.
  • Three weekly Zoom calls to discuss what is coming up for you, learn from others in the group, and receive group coaching.
  • Recordings of all group calls to review and keep.
  • An hour of one-on-one coaching via Zoom available during the program when you want extra support/guidance.
  • A private Facebook group (only you and those in your group will be present) to share and support each another.
  • Email support from me throughout the program.

Are you ready?  Click HERE to add your name to my waiting list for August 2018.

Q:  How is the program laid out?  A:  Here’s a look:

Week 1:  I AM.  You will step into your Divine I AM power and be introduced through your first 30-minute educational video to practices and activities to begin creating new habits for yourself that root you in your Divine essence and power.  The private Facebook support group is open for you to connect if you feel comfortable, and remember that I also provide email support.

Week 2:  I AM.  You continue with your activities and practices and we have our first 1-hour Sunday afternoon group Zoom call in which participants share what is coming up for them and have a chance to receive group coaching.  Once this initial connection is established, you may wish to connect 24/7 via our private Facebook support group between calls.  I provide email support.

Week 3:  I KNOW.  You will discover your Divine inner truth compass in our second 30-minute educational video and explore practices to help you hear and trust your intuition, as well as discovering how to confirm and expand your guidance.  Connect at-will 24/7 via the private Facebook support group between our calls, and I provide email support for you. Reminder: you have one hour of one-on-one coaching to schedule whenever you’d like during the program.

Week 4: I KNOW. You continue activities and practices to strengthen your ability to respond to life’s biggest questions and opportunities.  Our second 1-hour Sunday afternoon group Zoom call invites you to share whatever is coming up for you now while receiving group coaching.  You are encouraged to connect 24/7 with fellow group members via the private Facebook support group.  I provide you with email support.

Week 5: I CREATE.  After our third and final 30-minute educational video, you have many activities that can help you increase your awareness of your conscious and unconscious beliefs that create your vibration and shape how you perceive life and respond to it emotionally.  You are starting to learn how to change those when you wish.  You are strongly encouraged to connect 24/7 with fellow group members via the private Facebook support group and/or seek email support from me.

Week 6:  I CREATE. You now see yourself, the group, and the world very differently.  We have our final 1-hour Sunday afternoon group Zoom call to explore whatever is coming up for you and do some final group coaching.  Take full advantage of your private Facebook support group to continue bonding and supporting your community.  Schedule that one-on-one coaching if you haven’t already.  I also provide email support.

Are you ready?  Click HERE to add your name to my waiting list for August 2018.

Q: How much time do I need to do the program?  A: The videos last 30 minutes every other week.  The calls on alternating weeks last one hour.  The exercises are designed to blend into your daily life, though I’d add a couple of focused hours weekly during the program to give them special attention until they hopefully become part of your awareness/habit/practice.  Our private Facebook group is beneficial with time spent there both optional and flexible. This program is designed to create massive shifts in your consciousness and how you see and create your life.  The more you put into it, the more shifts you will experience.  As a coach, I will invite you to re-frame this question and consider, “how much time am I willing to create in my daily life to really love myself?”

Q:  How much will this cost?  A:  I’ve spent thousands of dollars on education and experiences learning this, and now I want to make it affordable and present it to you in a way that can be incorporated directly into your daily life today!  I’m offering all of my wisdom, activities and exercises, coaching, and support in this very small group setting for the low introductory investment of only $333!  ***BONUS***  Members of my first group of six will also receive a second hour of one-on-one Zoom coaching absolutely free!  (Must be used within 90 days).  That’s it!  No sales tactics built in.  No pressure to buy anything more.  In fact, this program can be used over and over again to shift you to ever higher levels of consciousness.  How good is that?  

Are you ready?  Click HERE to add your name to my waiting list for August 2018.