Possibilities Vision Board Workshop
Sheryl with one of her vision boards at a women's conference

Sheryl with one of her vision boards at a women’s conference

VISION BOARDS help us gain insight and clarity as to what we really want to manifest in our lives (read more HERE).  When we meditate a few minutes each morning and evening with our vision board FEELING ourselves achieving these manifestations with excitement, they are incredibly powerful!  Create one for a new year, a new business, a new romance, or any time!

CREATE YOUR OWN POSSIBILITY VISION BOARD PARTY:  Host at least ten friends/coworkers and I (Sheryl Sitts) will bring the party to you!*  We’ll have an inspirational, insightful workshop in which I can help you and your guests recognize and clear some of the unconscious beliefs that silently sabotage these dreams while you create a new vision board of possibilities.  All supplies are provided.  Suggested ayni* is $35/person within 35 miles of Montgomery, TX – please consider adjusting for further travel. As hostess, you receive $5/person plus your workshop FREE!   Contact me to schedule.



Here’s a mini-video version of my workshop you can do alone or with friends, neighbors, business partners, etc.:

  • All materials you will need are shared in the first part of the video
  • You are guided in a meditation to explore all facets of your untapped dreams
  • Feng shui tips help you balance your board and life, positioning words and images to enhance manifestation
  • I share my own Possibilities Vision Board and what it has done for my life

Clarifying and igniting your dreams is only the beginning!  Please see my other SERVICES to explore how I can help you launch or expand your entrepreneurial vision, resolve limiting beliefs that sabotage your success and happiness, and more.

*Ayni is a reciprocal exchange of energy used by the Q’ero of the Andes mountains. In this tradition, “everything is mutually connected and interrelated, and ‘ayni’ is therefore simply a description of reality and seeks to remind us…’When you give something, you are entitled to get something back, and when you get something you have an obligation to reciprocate and give something back.’ When the Q’ero call it the sacred art of reciprocity, it is because they want to bring the energy back to the divine – to that which is One. Ayni is more than that, however. It is about lifting each other up to higher levels so that everyone grows. It is about sharing, so all have what they need.” (Inka-World.com)