Peru & Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies


ChirapaManta2015We feel very blessed to have visited sacred sites in Peru these past few years and experienced intimate plant medicine ceremonies facilitated by medicine men and women of the highest characther and integrity.  The growing popularity of “ayahuasca tourism” inspires us to facilitate these more today than before in order that you have access to the best possible healing experience.  11SacredValleyThis path is not for everyone, so if you feel called to work with plants and medicine men/women we would be honored to have you join us.

The last time we facilitated a group was in Fall 2016 (details from that trip below) and everyone had powerful, life-changing experiences.  We will plan similar retreats in the future, so contact us HERE to have your name added to a highly confidential email list for notification about sacred plant ceremonies.






Sheryl & Mario invite you to join them this fall for a private, intimate journey and tour with a powerful native shaman.  Receive loving support and guidance from the planning stage of this personalized, transformational Peruvian experience through integration into society when we return home.  Your ceremonial experience includes:

  • Prescreening 1:1 with medicine man to determine timing and readiness to receive plant medicine (factors that influence this involve general health, prescription medications, chronic conditions, etc.)
  • Packing lists, dietary prep for ceremonies, and more to prepare you for your adventure
  • All arrival and departure travel between Cusco airport and carefully selected destinations
  • Beautiful room and board at Hanacpacha Lodge and 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies in their temple
  • Very comfortable room and board overnight in Machu Picchu PLUS a guided tour
  • One final night of rest and adventure featuring room and board overnight in Cusco PLUS a final tour of special sacred sites in the vicinity
  • One hour of one-on-one integration support after you return home to really bring forth your most profound ceremonial experiences into daily life

Credit Cards are welcome to allow the comfort and convenience of payment over time.


6 Nights / 7 Days / 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies / Machu Picchu / Cusco  SHAMAN ACCOMPANIES US THROUGHOUT VISIT

  • October 8th Pickup from Cusco Airport (two options: once at 11:30 AM, second time at 3:00 PM)
    • Cusco to Hanacpacha Lodge facility where room and board and our temple are located in Sacred Valley
    • (More details forthcoming closer to departure) Recommend early arrival to settle into accommodations
    • Check in and room assignment. (Double-occupancy included; please inquire for other options)
    • Rest and prepare for first Ayahuasca ceremony that night in the temple
  • October 9th  Free time  (optional local tours also available at an additional cost)
    • Rest and prepare for second Ayahuasca ceremony that night in the temple
  • October 10th   Free time (optional local tours also available at an additional cost)
    • No ceremony tonight
  • October 11th  Free time (optional local tours also available at an additional cost)
    • Rest and prepare for third/final Ayahuasca ceremony that night in the temple
  • October 12th  Late Afternoon checkout and departure from Hanacpacha Lodge
    • Train to Aguas Calientes
    • Overnight stay at Aguas Calientes at Hotel Muyurina
  • October 13th
    • Guided Tour of Machu Picchu
    • Late Afternoon train to Cusco
    • Overnight stay at Cusco at Hotel Gracilaso
  • October 14th
    • Guided Morning Cusco City Tour of different sites
    • Final Stop Airport to leave on flights

This is created for a small group of like-spirited individuals seeking to savor the energy and healing possibilities in Peru.  The intention for this trip is both fun adventure and life-changing opportunities.  We are excited for you to consider accompanying us into the realm of pure possibility.