Sheryl Sitts, Journey of Possibilities

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As if on cue for the “2012 Shift”, my hard-earned American Dream (college, career, husband, house, [step]children and pets) fell apart.  I found myself divorced, unemployed, alone and scared to be starting over in life.  Along came the first of many holistic spiritual practitioners and my journey of possibilities began.

I went on a 10-day silent meditation retreat, several trips into the Peruvian Amazon with a shaman to work with plant medicines like Ayahuasca, explored energy work and sound healing, discovered my galactic truth with a transformational life coach, and found White Eagle Lodge near my new home.  I have finally healed a lot of the pain and insecurities that have unconsciously run my life so I can remember Who I am, transform my self-talk and consciously create the happy, healthy life I really want.

Now I am passionate about helping others reach their personal and professional potential….naturally!  How can I help you in your Journey of Possibilities? 


JOURNEY OF POSSIBILITIES is a holistic, spiritual community I created with Mario Rosales where we can authentically connect, learn, grow and support each other in our conscious journeys.  Join us for live events, weekly “Exploring Possibilities” podcast interviews and free quarterly digital magazines.

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