Coconut Oil for Cats?

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    COCONUT OIL FOR CATS? Coconut oil has been touted as having so many benefits, many of which I enjoy in my daily life for my skin, hair, and nutritional health. Finally it occurred to me to try it with my cat’s allergies. Even on good food, her ears remained torn up b/c whenever they would begin to scab and heal over, they’d itch and she’d scratch them open. An outdoor creature, I couldn’t bring myself to exile her indoors with the “cone of shame”. 🙂 So, I have been doctoring her ear twice a day with coconut oil, and WOW! They are slowly but steadily getting better, and she went from tolerating her ear “massages” with the oil to actually enjoying them! Ironically, this has brought us even closer.

    Have you ever used coconut oil for your pets?

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