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    Ooh – that’s a good one Sheryl.

    I also found a good site that offers daily affirmation suggestions…

    Has anyone else found a good resource site for affirmations?



    Thank you so much for suggesting that we post affirmations, Cynthia!

    I loved The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz, and one of my favorite affirmations is, “take nothing personally.”

    Sometimes life FEELS personal, but I’m coming to deeply understand that no one can ever do anything TO me or MAKE me feel a certain way. They’re just being themselves; any pain or anger I feel is there to get my attention to look deeper for why I have that reaction. As I feel and heal that more deeply I stop attracting it or reacting to it.



    Over the last few years, I’ve begun to understand the importance of keeping my mind focused on positive thoughts (rather than allowing the negative voice in my head that seems to be on auto-pilot, if I allow it to).

    I’ve learned this about affirmations…

    They are an expression that I can either write, speak (out loud or silently), or chant. These expressions create wellness by bringing new thought patterns and positive changes into my present condition. The key to creating an affirmation is to keep the focus in the now (I am), not in the future (I will) tense. example: I AM Happy; I AM Healthy.

    I’d love to hear affirmations from other forum members.

    I’ll begin. Here’s one of my favorite affirmations:

    Many wonderful opportunities are open to me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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