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It definitely would be refreshing if you saw a doctor and the first thing they used to heal was human touch rather than reaching for the prescription pad or sending you out to the lab.

I hope this profound change is made by all physicians (whether still in medical school or near retirement).

However, the patient should ultimately have the opportunity to say how they want to be treated. In America, we seem to have lost that option somewhere along the way.

Some physicians do not have the bedside manner to use human percussion and I’m pretty sure they’re not being taught by mentors or professors on how to be “human”…whether they are treating the occasional ill, the terminally ill or the mentally ill.

But, it seems to me, those who do have a good beside manner and proactively use human percussion…end up becoming alternative medicine specialists.

I have a friend who spent 60 days in isolation due to an unknown virus attacking his system. All he wanted during this period was for someone, anyone to give him a hug or touch his hand. Has your doctor ever given you a hug? This same friend found such a doctor…but it’s a rare discovery these days. It’s hard to find a doctor who sees you as a patient rather than a $.