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I try to make a game out of my daily never-ending to-do list. I tell myself…you have to accomplish 1 item from the following categories per day:

* 1 play (this item is harder during the work week; I really splurge here on the weekend!!)
* 1 exercise effort (WII or swimming for me! This category is my hardest challenge right now)
* at least 7 hours of sleep (non-negotiable)

I have a prioritized list for work items (which is also a bigger never-ending list). In this category, I put a time limit on all work tasks. I work a 9 hour day…no more..unless there’s a critical deadline.

For Friends/family – that’s a category that I keep top of mind. I keep in touch via social networking. Also, I plan get-togethers with friends on a calendar basis. My mom…I see each week and talk by phone mid-week. My best friend – touch base weekly by email and get together once a quarter – or at least we try. Each person is different. I really have to work at keeping in touch with everyone.

Am I good at the game? somedays yes, somedays no. But, there’s always tomorrow…

Since I’m new to holistic wellness…can someone give a suggestion for a holistic alternative that might help me with my game?