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Left to my own devices, my tendency is to drift from one activity to the next, with no rhyme nor reason. While I can get a lot accomplished like that, I recognize that I have simply been going with the flow (or, as my mother used to say, “taking the line of least resistance”, so I focus on the word DECIDE, make a conscious choice of activities, and use my timer to limit my bursts of activity to 15 minutes. After 3 bursts of activity, I take a break to make myself a cup of coffee, wander around the garden, work on my seed collection, look up plant info online, or check in with Facebook.

Disclaimer time: much of my time organization came courtesy of FlyLady ( Without her guidance I could not have made the move down here 10 years ago from Dallas, where we had lived, worked and brought up our four +1 children, and done it so that everything was quick and easy.