Entrepreneurial Consulting


You invest so much time and money into developing and refining your gifts and talents.  Why not invest just a little more to connect with your ideal clients and make a bigger difference in your practice?  water-waves-2091854_960_720As a entrepreneurial coach and marketing/communication expert, I can help you:

  • Clarify your mission as a compass to focus your efforts
  • Design your ideal life so your business supports and is in harmony with your lifestyle  
  • Target your ideal client while attracting all whom you’re meant to serve
  • Blend your passions to make a bigger difference for clients
  • Create powerful language that sets you apart to be seen!
  • Design compelling flyers, website content & social media posts
  • Discover how to expand using FREE media / events
  • Create low, medium, and high cost products/services to reach broader audiences
  • Identify and resolve limiting beliefs & unconscious blocks that hold you back from greater success

Contact me for a quote on any / all of these services and get laser-focused with your business to make a bigger difference!


wisdom-666135_1280Now you are ready to let others know what you have to offer!  My partner Mario Rosales will help you embrace technology and put it to work for you spreading your message and reaching your ideal clients.  As an online community builder and technology strategy consultant, he will help you work “smarter not harder” to:

  • Create a website you can update yourself to $AVE $$ and control future costs
  • Consider all the options and decide what, if any, social media you need and why
  • Explore the benefits and profit in creating an online community
  • Find technology to streamline your efforts so you can unplug more often
  • Step-by-step guidance to learn any technology easily

Mario and I work very well together and are happy to meet with you to create a customized proposal that will meet your unique, specific needs. Contact us for an appointment.