Conscious Living Empowerment Coaching


i am…never going to find the person / job / life of my dreams!

…always broke!

…so sick of this!


…amazed how the Universe always takes care of me.

…effortlessly having fun attracting the desires of my heart.

…the luckiest person alive!

We are beginning to recognize that we are more powerful than we ever imagined!   In fact, we create our own reality in every moment with the thoughts we think and the words we say.  What we expect and believe in our core that we deserve is exactly what we get.  Our tendency to blame it on the circumstances of our external lives is much like reacting to a mirror rather than that which it reflects.  Conversely, when we heal those conscious and unconscious stories and limiting beliefs to stand in our truth, all outside us shifts.

Let’s look at some examples.  What happens when we unconsciously believe we don’t deserve to be healthy?  We can’t get motivated to exercise or eat right, we put on weight, get high blood pressure, allergies, illnesses and even diseases.  What happens when we unconsciously believe we don’t deserve to be wealthy?  We may have trouble holding a job or live paycheck to paycheck without ever having anything extra, in debt, etc.  If we believe deeply inside that we don’t believe to be happy or we’re not lovable, life may seem to move from crisis to crisis, setback to setback, or healthy relationships seem always just beyond our grasp.

We manifest these realities for ourselves (often unconsciously) to affirm our core beliefs, many of which originate in childhood.  To change the circumstances of our lives, we must change the unconscious programming that runs everything.  We do this by becoming conscious of our thoughts and beliefs, healing old wounds, and writing a new life for ourselves.

woman-591576_960_720As a ONE-TLC Certified Practitioner, I blend Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Matrix Energetics, Spiritual Response Therapy, Energy Balancing, Christ Consciousness Spirituality, and Quantum Mechanics.  This takes The Secret and the Laws of Attraction/Manifestation to another level! 

You may worry about long term or high cost commitments.  That’s why I am an empowerment coach.  From our first conversation, I am guiding you in daily practices to build these strengths with minimal outside support.  You’re here to be your own guru!

Are you ready to get crystal clear about what you really want (my free Vision Board Workshop can help) and create that life for yourself?  Should creating your own revenue stream with your passions be part of that vision, I also offer Entrepreneurial Consulting that fits nicely with overall life design.  You deserve to be happy…NOW!  I can help.

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