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What a rich life I’ve experienced, filled with amazing people, adventures, and relationships!  I worked hard to excel in school, business, radio broadcasting, property management, nonprofit activities and later life coaching and entrepreneurship.  I married, blended a family, and even bought and sold a couple of homes. Beneath the surface, however, my carefully constructed American Dream life was cracking. No amount of success ever brought the deep happiness I longed for, and frustrated I alternated between seasons of therapy/self-help and partying to numb out.  By my early 40s, my immediate adopted family had passed on, my husband had divorced me, and my stepchildren had gotten on with their own lives when I was suddenly laid off. I was alone and felt like an utter failure at life. I cried out to the God of my understanding to please help me heal whatever was broken inside of me so I could finally be happy. Shortly thereafter, I answered my soul’s longing to empty my savings account and travel with a group into the Peruvian Amazon to work with a medicine man.  He unlocked the flood gate to decades of uncried tears as I began a decade-long journey befriending that abandoned hurt inner child to grieve a birth mother I never knew and adopted parents who loved me the best they could which involved material abundance (to the point of bankruptcy) along with verbal abuse, sexual trauma, and more. As that little girl finally healed, I began to recognize my innate Divinity and wholeness and rest at long last in peace and happiness. I now appreciate the beauty from even the most painful experiences that has all led me to become who I AM now, and it fills my heart to help others discover the same for themselves.  I realized I have had special gifts my whole life but no one knew what they were or how to help me with them. I now offer transformational coaching, private holistic sessions, an officiating your ceremonies, and a vast library of podcast interviews with inspiring holistic and spiritual change agents.  We have published a few co-created holistic digital magazines you’ll find archived on this site. I have written about much of my healing journey in my personal blog and am finishing a book of short stories about my amazing adventures. If you would like help discovering and creating your happiest self and life, let’s connect for a free consultation to see if we’re a good match and how I can might support you in your Journey of Possibilities.

Why Work With Me?

Do you feel stuck, or notice repeating patterns in your relationships, health, or work? Are you taking more and more medications but not feeling like you're getting any better?  Do you need caffeine for energy or alcohol or pot to mellow out?  How are you sleeping? Life doesn't have to be like this!  You are not crazy and you are not alone!  Whether your pain is physical or emotional, holistic living has taught me that it's all connected. With an open heart and mind and a healthy sense of humor, I'll gently help you discover and resolve the often unconscious stories behind this so you can release childhood and generational trauma  and develop new habits that support you in creating the life, health, and happiness you really want! Of course you can figure all of this out for yourself in time, but why wait?  You deserve peace and joy NOW!  Schedule a free consultation and let's see how I can best support you in your Journey of Possibilities.

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